About the journal

“Education. Science. Innovations: the Southern Dimension” is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal, publishing original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education. It examines some of the important topics in the field, such as:

  • Education in a Global Information Society
  • Educational Modernization
  • Polyparadigmatic and Systems Approaches to Education
  • Postgraduate and Recurrent Education
  • Security of Education and Management of Conflicts
  • Educational Foresight
  • Management of Education and Education Standards

The Journal is published by Pedagogical Institute, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. It welcomes contributions which promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between practicing educators and educational researchers from Southern Federal District, Russia and abroad. To this end the Journal publishes articles that attempt a systematic analysis or synthesis of educational processes and systems from different viewpoints and approaches.

The Journal has a free on-line full-text version, covering abstracts, key words, author information, and bibliographic information for cited references [http://www.oni.sfedu.ru/node/2]. The Journal is registered in Scientific Electronic Library (elibrary.ru) and Russian Science Citation Index, ISSN 1996-6792.

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